Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Zephyr Eco Project in Costa Rica

Brought to you by the owners of Witch's Rock Surf Camp , another great venture, the Zephyr Eco Project. I am anxious to see the progression of this cutting edge community and the development of its organic farm and sustainable resort. Check out the Zephyr Project website and follow the story behind the building and planning of a unique resort and relaxing retreat in the beautiful hills of Alemania, Costa Rica.



Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jamestown, Rhode Island

All photos Courtesy Efrem Bromberg

Located in the small "Ocean State" of Rhode Island on Conanicut Island, Jamestown remains a quaint, rural village despite the highly developed tone some of it's surrounding beach communities have taken. With an agricultural past, the island has acres of unspoiled pastures and rolling hills protected by open space.

Jamestown is an ideal destination for summer recreation, but failing to appreciate it's beauty throughout the colder months is a mistake. A simple drive around the island is enough to suffice most, but exploring by bike or boat is more rewarding.
The small downtown area is credited with an array of restaurants as well as the infamous Narragansett Cafe, best known for their "rockin" weekend music and smoke filled dance floor (prior to smoke ban)!

A trip to the island would not be complete without an excursion to Beavertail State Park. With its rocky coastline and hiking trials, Beavertail offers some of the best coastal vistas that the state has to offer. Renowned for it's saltwater fishing and historic lighthouse it is a must see if you are visiting the island.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Wild Horse Tours...Currituck, North Carolina

Currituck, North Carolina

"The wild horses of the Currituck Outer Banks have survived nearly 500 years of fierce Nor’easters and hurricanes. They are truly representative of the Outer Banks spirit – untamed and rugged – and are an integral part of what draws hundreds of thousands of visitors to the northern beaches every year. Nowhere else can you see wild Mustangs walking along the beach and grazing among beach homes"Corrolla Wild Horse Fund

Definitely, one of the highlights of our 2008 trip to the Outer Banks. If the horses only hold a mild interest for you take the tour for the pure joy of cruising at relatively high speeds throughout the sandy dunes and beaches of the northern tip region of the Outer Banks. The scenery is spectacular and the rush you get when you hit the high points of the rolling sandy dunes is invigorating. I'm not sure my sister-in-law will ever be satisfied again driving through the streets of Houston after her turn at the wheel.

My recommendation, make your reservations far in advance of your trip to the Outer Banks and be sure to bring everyone along for the ride. We were late in our plan making and a number of us where left behind at the house enviously listening to the stories upon the return of the wind blown, elated, jeep loving herd!

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Have fun and hold onto your hat.